Fall Wine and Beer Tours on the Finger Lakes

There is so much to love about the Greater Rochester Area region. So much to celebrate now that fall is here. One of the best ways to enjoy the season, is to take advantage of the Finger Lakes Wine and Beer Trails. Not only do you get to sample some of the best wine and beer in the country, you also get to see the beautiful foliage. Check out the foliage report and start planning your adventure now.

Keuka Lake Wine Trail

Keuka Passport

Keuka Passport 2014-15 - cover - 250x328Discover the beauty and pleasures of the Keuka Lake area on your own schedule and at an amazingly low cost. For just $15, the Passport entitles you to free standard wine tastings for two people at each of our 8 member wineries, and gives you an array of valuable coupons and deals to sweeten your experience around the lake.

The free standard wine tastings feature of the Passport is valid from April 2014 through December 2015 … plenty of time to explore, discover and enjoy. A great birthday or anniversary gift, a tremendous value.

Note: The Keuka Passport is intended for individuals and small groups. Our member wineries will not honor Passports for groups of 8 or more.

Finger Lakes Beer Festival (Saturday, October 24th)

Yes, we know it’s wine country, but as it turns out, it’s beer country too! Yes, there’s actually a craft brewery beer trail as well and when you come to the Glen you can discover 30 brews from 15 different breweries:

Finger Lakes Beer Trail and Watkins Glen International bring you 30 craft brews from 15 New York State craft breweries. Enjoy live music, food, beer and friends at this unique event. Each guest receives a commemorative sampling glass with tasting coupons.nger Lakes Beer Trail and Watkins Glen International bring you 30 craft brews from 15 New York State craft breweries. Enjoy live music, food, beer and friends at this unique event. Each guest receives a commemorative sampling glass with tasting coupons.

You can also enjoy great food and music. There’s a Friday night dinner for those who would like to enjoy local food pairings with their beer.Check out the website

Seneca Lake Wine Trail

white-wine-848268_640This wine trail has over 35 wineries that participate and they have 2 types of passports:


There are also many events to join along the way. You can put in the dates you want at the Finger Lakes Wine Country website, and they’ll let you know what adventures are available.

Speaking of adventures, maybe a move is your next one! Fall is a great time to change your address! Contact us today and we’ll put you on the right trail!


Bike Riding in Rochester NY


Last month we brought you tips on ways to make your home safe when you travel,  this month we bring you an awesome way to travel!  Behold the bicycle!  Excellent gas mileage and exercise at the same time!  Since the weather is cooperating for the most part, cycling is a great way to take in the fall season.  Here’s what’s new:

 Bicycle Lanes

Since the summer of 2011, the City has added over 45 lane miles and more are on the way. As stated on the City’s Bike Rochester page, bicycling benefits include:

Bicycling Helps the Local Economy

  • Almost 20 percent of the average American family’s budget is spent on transportation. Thus, more pedal power, and less fuel consumption, can result in real savings for Rochester’s families.
  • Increased disposable income can result in increased spending in the local marketplace, which would boost the local economy.
  • Improving bicycling conditions is a cost-effective way of optimizing existing public infrastructure.

Bicycling Communities are Healthier Communities

  • Adding bicycling to the daily routine helps us stay healthier; 60% of Americans are overweight or obese, and bicycling is a great solution to the problem.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 minutes of moderate exercise (like bicycling), five days a week, can reduce the risks for illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis and depression.
  • Bicycle trips create zero emissions, contributing to better air quality for the Rochester region (and cleaner air for all of us to breathe)

Bicycling Communities are Strong Communities

  • Improved bicycling conditions provides mobility for people who do not have cars, thereby increasing access to jobs, education, and health care.
  • Cities that promote bicycling tend to retain youth, attract young families, and increase social capital.
  • Improved bicycling conditions add to the vitality and quality of life of the community and provide access to recreational destinations across the region.
  • Better bicycling facilities provide access to public transit, thereby increasing transportation options.
Be sure to visit the page and find out what exciting options are coming including bike boxes and cycle tracks.

Hart’s Local Grocers

hart bike rackMany area businesses are supporting the effort. Hart’s Local Grocers installed the city’s first bike corral and offered a discount in May to those that came in with a helmet. They also received a Community Recognition Award for promoting bicycling and bicycling safety.

Rochester Group Tours on Bikes

Now let’s say you like the idea of getting on a bicycle; you just think it would be more fun with friends. In fact, you think it would be awesome if you could actually take the show on the road and actually party with your friends as you go! Fear not! Your time has come.

pedalpubRochester Pedal Pub

Rent the PedalPub® by the hour for your next party, parade, or any event where fun is on the menu!

Arrange your good time today! Check out our routes.

Rochester Pedal Tours

pedaltourFrom their website: Rochester Pedal Tours is a pedal powered trolley that is powered by you the guests! No motor, no assists, just you the riders. The pedal is nothing exerting, it’s not the Tour de France people. When you hit a hill you know you hit a hill, when you go downhill you will love it J We accommodate everyone from people celebrating 21st birthdays to older people enjoying an architecture tour to corporate outings. Our on board cubbies ensure ample room to store purses, hoodies, food or any decorations/props you want to bring on board. Regardless if you are doing just a bar crawl your guide will let you know about the surroundings we are passing as we are in route to our destination.

bikeIf you just so happen to be at the City Grill on East and Alexander, you can see the tour go by and wave and toast a glass while you enjoy a beverage and some great food from the comfort of your chair. That’s what we did!

If you’d like a more natural setting for your biking adventures, Rochester, NY is home to many biking trails for your to explore. And if you like to bike for a cause, Roc the Ride is coming this weekend, Saturday, Sept. 12th.

If you’d like more information on biking in Rochester, NY or if your considering a move to a more bike friendly neighborhood, we’d love to help! Contact us today!

Protect Your Investment While You’re on Vacation!

Grilled-Chicken-Skewers-with-14-Hands-WineSummer is finally here! Many of us have summer destinations planned, and we’re excited to hit the road! The Rochester Area is a great community to live in, but, it is still important to take precautions to keep your home safe while you travel.  Keep these tips in mind:

Watch Social Media

We know you’re looking forfinger-769300_1280ward to your trip, and you want to share your excitement with all your friends & family. However, it is important that you be aware of what you’re posting on social media– it isn’t necessarily wise to broadcast over Facebook that your family will be at the cottage for a week. Pictures you post while you’re away, might just tip someone off that your home is currently unattended.


Don’t leave those lights blazing while you’re gone!! Not only will your electricity bill be through the roof, leaving lights on for weeks at a time isn’t very green!! Sure, lights on may be a signal that someone is home… but leaving a single one on for a long period of time could just send the opposite signal! Instead, invest in a timer switch or two, and have short bursts of time when your lights are on.


Nothing screNewspaper Stackams “we’re on vacation” like an overflowing mailbox or a pile of newspapers on the porch! Be sure to stop all deliveries, or find someone you trust to collect things for you!! And if you’re going to be gone for a long stretch, you might consider having someone mow your lawn for you.

SafeSoundFamily has some excellent ideas. Here’s our favorite 3:


Unplug all unnecessary appliances (except those on timers, of course) to protect your home from an electrical fire or power surge. This goes for the big stuff, like TVs, but also for your toaster, your coffee maker, and other small appliances.

Hide the Hide-a-Key

It’s impossible to forget your key if you’re not even home, so go ahead and take any hidden spare keys out of commission. Just don’t forget to re-hide them when you return!

Keep Your Cool

Turn down (or up) the thermostat to save on electricity while you’re gone. In the winter, set the heat to about 55° – warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing, but cool enough to save – and during the summer, set your air-conditioning to 85°. You can also lower the temperature on your water heater.

Be sure to read the rest of the article to get all 10 of the tips!

We wish you safe and happy travels this summer with a safe and secure home to come back to.  If you are thinking of moving to a new location instead of just taking a trip, investing in real estate or a second home, contact us today for all the details.  We’d love to help; it’s what we do!

Have a great idea you’d like us to cover?  Leave us a comment! Our goal is to be as real and relevant as we can! Thanks in advance for your help!